Physicians for Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries


Our mission is to amplify the voices and unique perspectives of doctors who want to ensure that senior citizens enrolled in Medicare Advantage continue to have access to care they need

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The Coalition

The primary purpose of the Coalition is to address the new Medicare Advantage (MA) risk adjustment methodology developed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and being implemented 2024-2026, which undercuts the ability of physicians in the Coalition to provide the best care to their patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage


Creating a venue for Coalition members to share our stories, and those of our patients, about the impacts of the new MA risk adjustment methodology on access to and quality of advanced primary care services.

Public Policy.

Promoting federal policy to enable successful health programs, focusing on aiding Medicare Advantage patients and highlighting issues with the V28 Risk Adjustment Model's impact on care.


Collaborating among Coalition doctors to develop and share data documenting the adverse impact of the new MA risk adjustment methodology on our patients.


Advocating for federal legislative and regulatory changes to halt the implementation of the new MA risk adjustment methodology, and other changes, in order to safeguard our ability to provide cost-effective, high-quality care to our patients enrolled in MA.

Physician-led Advocacy to Protect Senior Care

Formed in early 2024, the Physicians for MA Beneficiaries is a nonprofit coalition of 22 value-based care provider organizations collectively treating over 200,000 Medicare beneficiaries at more than 800 locations.

Founding members include
  • Advent Health
  • Better Health/Physicians Partners
  • Clinical Care MC
  • Complete Health
  • Esse Health
  • InHealth MD Alliance
  • Innovacare
  • Millennium Physicians Group
  • MyCare Medical Group
  • Navvis
  • The Villages Health


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